[Interest] Qt5.5, VS2013 chain, compile warnings and linking errors

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>> I hardy believe Windows v7.1A sdk is going to work with VS2013.
> If you want to target XP with MSVC 2013 you need to use the headers/libs from Windows v7.1A. So yes, this is a supported setup.
> Regards
> Kai
> If I wanted to target windows 8.1, where would they be located?  I have installed the Windows 8 SDK and the Windows 10 SDK, but neither provided the winuser.h or the user32.lib files -- that I could tell.

If you want to target Windows 8.1, then you only need MSVC 2013. You
do not need the Windows v7.1 SDK.

The fact that you need to manually add INCLUDEPATH and LIBS means that
something has gone wrong with your setup. You should not need these.

I recommend you:
1. Uninstall your copy of the Windows SDK.
2. Remove INCLUDEPATH and LIBS from your .pro file; let Qt Creator
find the correct libraries automatically.
3. Clean your project.
4. Run qmake manually.
5. Build your project.

To hunt for clues, look for error messages and warnings in the following places:
* Qt Creator -> Tools -> Options -> Build & Run -> Kits
* Qt Creator -> Tools -> Options -> Build & Run -> Compilers

If you still have no luck, uninstall and reinstall MSVC 2013. Also,
make sure your copy of MSVC 2013 is fully updated. (The current
release is Update 5, although I have been using Visual Studio Express
2013 Update 3 for many months now with no problems). Then, repeat
steps #3 - #5.


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