[Interest] Lovely Arabic/Persian layout challenges

md at rpzdesign.com md at rpzdesign.com
Wed Sep 16 18:42:01 CEST 2015

Hello List:

Well, I am sad to report that unless there is a miracle suggestion, for 
Right-to-Left and Left-To-Right Support across platforms, you will have 
to layout in QML the mirror of each in separate QML.


Notice where they say IOS support for mirroring is only available by 
sub-classing. Oops!

At this point, it must be 2 sets of QML to get the layout mirroring correct.



On 9/15/2015 7:55 AM, mark diener wrote:
> Hello List:
> If you have 50 QML layouts, that is a lot of work to get it looking good
> with Arabic AND English unless you dedicate a separate set of QML
> inventory to support Right to Left.
> Any body have some reflections and/or tips on this?
> Especially anybody from Arabic part of the community.
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