[Interest] Debugging in Qt Creator and displaying Qt objects d_ptr members in watch window ?

Michael Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 17:02:15 CEST 2015

On Sep 17, 2015, at 9:45 AM, Edward Sutton <edward.sutton at subsite.com> wrote:

> I spend too much time adding qDebug() statements because Qt objects d_ptr members are invisible to the debugger.
> I use Qt 5.5 Enterprise pre-built to debug OS X, Android, iOS, and on Windows ( MSVC 2013 ).
> Is the only solution to build Qt from source for all 4 platforms ? 
> -Ed

Does building from source actually help? Our team has found the debugging situation on OS X basically hopeless. For general debugging we move to Xcode where the debugging in stable BUT you can not really inspect any Qt variables except for QString. 

If we really need to debug Qt specific variables then we move the whole session to Windows and Visual Studio 2013 with the Qt plugin. The debugging experience there is the best all around that we have found.

We tried linux with LLDB but the root of the problem is the LLDB integration. It just does not work for what ever reason. Variables passed in by reference can not be inspected in the debugger. If you try to step "to fast" then LLDB or the LLDB Bridge code just hangs. If you "step" before the debugger has loaded the symbols then LLDB or the LLDB bridge hangs. If you step, but LLDB or the LLDB Bridge is still loading the variables view and you decide to step again, then everything hangs.

So basically if you want to really debug there are 2 solutions:
Windows with Visual Studio
Linux with GDB.

LLDB is just out. Xcode, Eclipse, CLion are NOT able to show Qt Variables in the debugger. All of the above are with nightly and release versions of QtCreator starting at 3.5.0 and newer.

Don't mean to be a complainer here, but just stating the situation as I have experienced it since last year. I wonder how much financial resources it would take to "purchase" the appropriate Digia engineer for a set amount of time to dedicate to fixing these issues?

Mike Jackson
Owner, BlueQuartz Software, LLC
Springboro OH USA.

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