[Interest] Difference between QProcess::execute() and QProcess::start()

Joachim Langenbach joachim at falaba.de
Thu Sep 17 21:14:15 CEST 2015

Good evening Lorenz,

> ==> synchronous call
> "void QProcess::start(const QString & program, const QStringList &
> arguments, OpenMode mode = ReadWrite)
> Note: Processes are started asynchronously, which means the started()
> and error() signals may be delayed. Call waitForStarted() to make sure
> the process has started (or has failed to start) and those signals have
> been emitted."
> ==> *a*synchronous call
> I think that's *a* big difference :)

Yeah, you're right! Actually I knew this difference alrady and because of the 
asynchronous call I want to use the start() method, but it isn't working with 
the php executable, whereas the execute() method does. My guess is a different 
system environment or a problem with STDOUT, STDIN or STDERR.

But I want to proof it, that's why I asked for the differences.


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