[Interest] Difference between QProcess::execute() and QProcess::start()

Lorenz Haas lykurg at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 06:42:05 CEST 2015

> But with QProcess::start() 
> the webserver produces very strange faults and with QProcess::execute(), it 
> works.
> Since there is no difference mentioned in the documentation between those to 
> functions, I'd like to ask, if you have a idea what is going on here.

>From the docs

"int QProcess::execute(const QString & command)

Starts the program command in a new process, waits for it to finish, and
then returns the exit code."

==> synchronous call

"void QProcess::start(const QString & program, const QStringList &
arguments, OpenMode mode = ReadWrite)

Note: Processes are started asynchronously, which means the started()
and error() signals may be delayed. Call waitForStarted() to make sure
the process has started (or has failed to start) and those signals have
been emitted."

==> *a*synchronous call

I think that's *a* big difference :)


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