[Interest] rvalue references on Mac OS X 10.10 and XCode 7

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Sep 25 23:02:34 CEST 2015

On Friday 25 September 2015 22:41:38 Philippe wrote:
> In my case, I have to add libstdc++.dylib as a linker argument, else the
> presence of an old static third-party library that I must use, causes some
> linker error.

If you have some old library that needs libstdc++, then you're stuck with it 
for now. That means you must tell your linker not to use libc++, so you need 
to ensure that the -stdlib=libstdc++ is passed to all steps of the build 
(compiler and linker). Otherwise you'll get the linker errors you mentioned.

> But __GNUC_LIBSTD__ is not defined, hence Q_COMPILER_RVALUE_REFS is
> #defined.

It's defined somewhere in libstdc++ headers.

> IOW, it's possible to link with libstdc++ without the penalty of

And the other features.

Please be aware of the warning about Qt 5.7: support is getting dropped 
because Qt 5.7 will require <atomic>.

Qt 5.6 will be a long-term release, but you may still want to figure out a 
replacement library or at least a rebuild of it.

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