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Am 04.04.16 um 10:12 schrieb Nikos Chantziaras:
> On 03/04/16 22:00, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> On domingo, 3 de abril de 2016 21:07:00 PDT Emre Besirik wrote:
>>> Do you also find it a littlebit unpleasent to code in QtCreator like
>>> me?
>>> Does Qt plan to do something about this?
>> It would be more constructive if you explained what your issues are
>> and what
>> you findto be unpleasant. Without that, nothing is ever going to happen.
> I assume the same things as the rest of us, perhaps:
> * Lack of auto-completion for connect().
> * Very slow auto-completion.
> * Generally auto-completion sometimes work, sometimes doesn't.
> * "Find uses" doesn't work, so you have to grep to find uses.
> * It gets very confused with smart pointers and templates in general.
> * Sometimes doesn't highlight local uses.
> This is the clang code model, and these things are a major PITA.
> The Creator code model was excellent for C++98. The last few months, I
> complete switched my projects to C++14, and that code model is now
> useless, so clang is the only choice. And it's not very pleasant to
> work with. In fact, I'd say it's very unpleasant.
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I'm using Qt Creator only for mobile app development

for me coming from Eclipse Momentics (BlackBerry 10, Qt 4.8 / Cascades)
I'm really missing:
* Tabs to edit files
* Running multiple mobile devices at the same time from inside Eclipse
with easy switching between Consol outputs etc
* Hiding all the translation stuff (ts, qm, lupdate, ...) by simply
adding the languages to a project
* no sync with underlying file-system to enable easy drag'n'drop of
ressources or src files
* and yes, auto-completion and refactoring of Eclipse is unmatched

on the other side I know QtCreator has to support much more different
targets compared with Momentics for Cascades or Android Studio for Android.
also my first steps with QtCreator to create new project and deploy to
Android and iOS devices went well - it worked out of the box.
I'll create feature requests, but at first will do some more work with
QtCreator to become more familiar

Now with qt.labs.controls in Qt 5.6 and starting with Qt 5.7 from my POV
Qt is a great way to develop mobile applications and they're really
looking great with Material Style. Also the new Startup /
ind.dev-license is attractive to motivate mobile developers to try out Qt.
Feedback I got was always, that it's hard to start with QtCreator coming
from Android Studio or Eclipse.
I'll blog about my experiences and provide recipes to make it easier for
mobile developers to start with Qt.


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