[Interest] CLion to replace QtCreator?

Diego Iastrubni diegoiast at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 13:06:00 CEST 2016

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 10:00 PM, Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira at intel.com>

> But I have to say I don't feel any unpleasantness. Qt Creator is the best
> I've ever used. There are some things I'd do differently, but that's all. I
> also expect that's how most Qt developers and especially the Qt Creator
> developers feel, so it's highly unlikely we'll do a complete change of
> direction.
Without trying to offence, "you need to walk around the neighborhoods" a
little. While QtCreator is definitely "cool" and very speedy, there are
some things I see in IntelliJ/AndroidStudio which I definitely miss in

   1. XML tags completion for known tags. This can be done for *.UI files,
   and maybe some part of *.QS.  Basic XML structure is already know - so even
   for unknown XML variants - the IDE knows what tag to close.
   2. Class implementations - for example, I derive from an interface and
   pressing control+enter on the type will add missing methods.
   3. When I define an inline class (Java, but can be done using lambda
   expressions in C++), just pressing control+enter will write the code for
   me. For example:

   AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
   builder.setPositiveButton(android.R.string.ok, new ___

   Pressing "control+enter" will create a new anonymous class which
derives new DialogInterface.OnClickListener()

   4. When a method argument is an enum, code completion works on the
   corresponding enum, and adds the needed type.
   5. Automatically know how to modify R"code" for example here:
   ListView mListView = findViewById(R.id.notifications_list_view);
   it will suggest to typecast to ListView (to fix - again, control+enter).
   6. While debugging the values of variables are displayed inside the text
   editor, in light gray (no more looking for them in a panel).
   7. When using connect, using Niko's example, I would like to type
   connect(button, [clicked], this, [playTheFunkyMusic])
   and QtCreator should automagically find the signals of button, and the
   corresponding slots of "this". It used to work in ond style Qt4 signals,
   but with modern connections, I need to type the whole type. Some signals
   are hard to find, for example the "click()" signal from QButton comes from
   QAbstractButton. This means that when an object "has/provides" a signal, I
   need to guess the parent type which defined the signal in order connect it
   (I did not have to know this in Qt4).
   8. When I am lost "control+enter" usually fixe stuff for me.
   9. Multiple cursors (see the demo on SublimeText's home page - its epic,
   and Atom badly implements it),

Well basically, Android studio (and even XCode a little) helps me not
knowing the language by filling in the gaps for me. I know more C++ then
Java, but I am far more productive with Java - because the IDE does a lot
of heavy lifting.

Not saying that QtCreator is not good, but blindly claiming it's the best
is not always true. Its even possible that some things are working in
QtC4... I need to re-check at home. I should also open official feature
requests and not complaining on a ML. I agree.
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