[Interest] CLion to replace QtCreator?

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Hey I want to chime in for the Creator devs that might be reading this: please keep doing what you do, QtCreator is *awesome*. It always seems like once people start liking and using certain IDEs and editors it becomes like a religion and people love talking down everything else. So much of 'tabs vs menu', 'color themes', 'UI-friendliness', etc can be subjective. Saying QtCreator "is actually eons behind the current IDE trends and technology" is just insulting. There are plenty of things in QtCreator that could use improvement, but thats true of most software. In general its a polished IDE that makes working with C++ way nicer and I can't wait to see how QtCreator gets even better in the future.

This. I think the Creator devs must have built up a nice level of restraint after dealing with these kinds of “users” (has this person actually used Creator properly?).
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