[Interest] CLion to replace QtCreator?

Reinhardt Behm rbehm at hushmail.com
Tue Apr 5 17:29:46 CEST 2016

On Tuesday 05 April 2016 16:03:35 NoMercy wrote:
> I think after countless agruments in this thread I will try to do that at
> best I can or find some interested people and help them maybe :(
> But the thing is that I'm sorry that after some point when 90% of Qt
> users/developers start to use/see/accept other IDEs as default for Qt
> development instead of QtCreator when there is a real good alternative,
> people will feel sorry coming this thread scratching their head and
> thinking what we have done wrong... after that point winning people back to
> QtCreator will be hard as hell and countless hours spent developing
> QtCreator will be in vein because there will be left around 15 people left
> happy around their closed environment.
> And people keep saying that it is open source, you do it, why don't you do
> it etc. well it maybe open source but I think Qt company is payed well
> considering the license costs, why dont Qt Company do something about it?
> isn't it Qt Company's official product after all?

First please reply to the list and not to individual users. If I answered to 
the list means that I am reading it. No need for direct copies to me.
Second please don't top post even if you find this more "modern".

On which real data are just "statistics" based? Seeing many discussions in 
this list as well as privately I doubt the validity of your numbers.


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