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> On 06 Apr 2016, at 11:45, Jean-Michaël Celerier <jeanmichael.celerier at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 10:39 AM, Emre Besirik <nomercy at gmail.com <mailto:nomercy at gmail.com>> wrote:
> so whatever we add as feature requests to the bug report system will only maybe add some new functionality but will not improve User Experience, am I correct?
> If you were able to define in practical words what user experience is in the context of an IDE then it would surely go to the bug report system.
> Do you think that JetBrains have magical UX wizards that look at the software and make it have a better ui/ux with their maigc UX wand ? 
> No, they write down list of features and things to fix and sends them to the developers who implement them. 
> The QtCreator bug report will mostly be read (I guess) by this second category, so somebody has to do the work of the first one.
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I know developers need direction to go on but it is really hard to explain these things with words. I’ve showed examples of good work on the subject, ways and some principles but if I try to put everything in words issue by issue it’ll really be hard. There should be a flow of user experience. it is in little things but a lot of little things.

its when you Ctrl / Cmd Click on some function and its already open on the other splitview don’t open it in the clicked view, just go to to corresponding line on the other screen for example
its the open documents, tabless views (I know some people don’t like it but many people got used to the tabs) I for example like to work with implementations in one side and headers other but it is really hard to first select the view you want the code to open in, I don’t know how many times I opened in the wrong/unintended view, it is not user friendly
its smart completions, IDE should offer me the most logical things first by maybe looking return types, context etc. JB products are very successfull on this subject.
its that searching is not available everywhere, 
its when I search (rather filter in QtC) in preferences it should go the extra mile and highlight where it found my keywords, it also should search in places like keyboard shortcuts (inside of preferences, deep search), go to where its found when I select the preference subject
its trying to do importing necessary stuff automatically when it can
its offering quick fixes as much as possible
its not making me have to use my mouse as much as possible
its making me use as less (no more than one actually) keystrokes when I’m trying to use a keyboard shortcut (double esc’s then something else, Ctrl+e then Ctrl+F4 etc…)

see my point? list can go on forever… so logically I can only provide basic principles and some good examples or better yet please lets have help from a UI/UX expert. They maybe don’t have a magic wand but they have experience on explaining these things in words, analyzing power… They can anaylize, understand and explain thigns we can only feel...

Emre Beşirik
nomercy at gmail.com

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