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Bo Thorsen bo at vikingsoft.eu
Mon Apr 18 08:51:45 CEST 2016

Den 18-04-2016 kl. 05:46 skrev Andy:
> Goal: generate video with a user-specified resolution, frame rate, &
> container/codec format from an animation in my Qt3D window
> (Disclaimer: I've never worked with video files before!)
> As far as I can tell, Qt doesn't provide a way to generate video files
> directly, so I think I have to write a series of QImages to disk and use
> them to generate a video using ffmpeg.  This seems like it will take a
> large amount of disk space, be pretty heavy on the I/O, and generally be
> slow.  Are there better solutions?
> If I need to do it that way though, I must generate QImages from my
> existing Qt3DCore::QAspectEngine in my QWindow-derived class.  I don't
> see a clear/elegant way to do this.
> I think I need to create an offscreen surface? window? with the correct
> resolution and then somehow render & animate my scene to it, saving
> snapshots as I move the camera.  (I am already using QAbstractAnimation
> to move the camera, so I would use it to grab the snapshots as well.)
> Can I use the same root entity in multiple QAspectEngines? (i.e.
> setRootEntity() to my root entity in the new offscreen and tell it to
> render.)
> Has anyone done this before?  Is this even close to the right approach?
> (I'm using straight C++ - no QML.)

Why do you want to do this in Qt when you can do it with applications 
like Camtasia?

If you do want to follow this, the first part is to just generate 
screenshots. There's an example app in Qt that does this: 

Second, find one of the libraries that does video encoding and use your 
screenshots there.

Shouldn't be too hard, but you might have to convert the pixels manually 
to the video library format, so it could be quite slow.

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