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On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 2:51 AM, Bo Thorsen <bo at vikingsoft.eu> wrote:

> Den 18-04-2016 kl. 05:46 skrev Andy:
>> Goal: generate video with a user-specified resolution, frame rate, &
>> container/codec format from an animation in my Qt3D window
>> (Disclaimer: I've never worked with video files before!)
>> As far as I can tell, Qt doesn't provide a way to generate video files
>> directly, so I think I have to write a series of QImages to disk and use
>> them to generate a video using ffmpeg.  This seems like it will take a
>> large amount of disk space, be pretty heavy on the I/O, and generally be
>> slow.  Are there better solutions?
>> If I need to do it that way though, I must generate QImages from my
>> existing Qt3DCore::QAspectEngine in my QWindow-derived class.  I don't
>> see a clear/elegant way to do this.
>> I think I need to create an offscreen surface? window? with the correct
>> resolution and then somehow render & animate my scene to it, saving
>> snapshots as I move the camera.  (I am already using QAbstractAnimation
>> to move the camera, so I would use it to grab the snapshots as well.)
>> Can I use the same root entity in multiple QAspectEngines? (i.e.
>> setRootEntity() to my root entity in the new offscreen and tell it to
>> render.)
>> Has anyone done this before?  Is this even close to the right approach?
>> (I'm using straight C++ - no QML.)
> Why do you want to do this in Qt when you can do it with applications like
> Camtasia?

Because I want to generate video from the Qt3D scene in my application?  I
don't understand the question.

> If you do want to follow this, the first part is to just generate
> screenshots. There's an example app in Qt that does this:
> http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtwidgets-desktop-screenshot-example.html.

I know I can save a widget as an image, but as I said, I need a
user-specified resolution and I need to get the info from the existing Qt3D
scene.  Offscreen seems like the logical solution.  I could (maybe)
duplicate the whole scene in an invisible widget and get images from that,
but that seems like a hack.

> Second, find one of the libraries that does video encoding and use your
> screenshots there.
> Shouldn't be too hard, but you might have to convert the pixels manually
> to the video library format, so it could be quite slow.
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