[Interest] Change image.source onClicked with if statement function

Ramy Atalla ramitix at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 16:45:08 CEST 2016

Hello I am trying to emulate a traffic light,I have four images to toggle between,I made a function to check the equality of the source image and change it on click,but it doesn't work,I think the problem in checking the equality of the source. Any ideas...ThanksRamyimport QtQuick 2.4
Item{    id:traffic_light
    property string property3: "vector-traffic-light-3.png" //green    property string property2: "vector-traffic-light-2.png" //yellow    property string property1: "vector-traffic-light-1.png" //red    property string property0: "vector-traffic-light-0.png" //off
    function toggle()    {        if (trafficlight.source == property0)              trafficlight.source = property1;         else if            (trafficlight.source == property1)              trafficlight.source = property2;         else if            (trafficlight.source == property2)              trafficlight.source = property3;        else if            (trafficlight.source  == property3)              trafficlight.source =property0;    }

    Image {        id: trafficlight        x: 30        y: 30        width: 43        height: 140        opacity: 0.7        source: property1
        MouseArea {            x: 0            y: 0
            width: 43            height: 140            hoverEnabled: true            onClicked:toggle()        }
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