[Interest] Best tool for displaying multiple video streams

Matthew Fincham matthewf at cat.co.za
Mon Jul 11 08:57:52 CEST 2016

Hi all

I've been following the thread about what tool (Qt Quick, widgets, Qt3D, 
QOpenGL) best utilizes the GPU. I have a slightly different question and 
would really appreciate some advice. We have a requirement to display 
multiple video streams with overlays. We've come from a background where 
we started with Qt2 and have gradually migrated up the versions, to now 
finally be on Qt 5.6. We are at point where the mechanism to display the 
video display is being re-evaluated.

Ideally the GPU should handle the scaling and colour conversion of the 
YUV image data and we should be able to use QPainter for drawing the 
overlays. It needs to work both on Linux and Windows. What would the 
recommended tool be to achieve this: Widgets, Qt3D, QOpenGL, Qt Quick?

Many thanks
Matthew Fincham

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