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Sean Harmer sean.harmer at kdab.com
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On Wednesday 23 March 2016 16:57:04 Jason H wrote:
> Not sure. This is an app for a tablet, I've always packaged assets in qrc,
> because it "just worked". I could try DISTFILES, but I'm unsure how that
> work on mobile platforms.
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> > My absolute rule is Never Never put big files into qrc file.
> > Can you avoid it too ?

No need, just put it into a binary resource file and load that at runtime. That 
avoids the compilation step. Put something like this in your .pro/.pri file:


asset_builder.commands = $$[QT_HOST_BINS]/rcc -binary ${QMAKE_FILE_IN} -o 
${QMAKE_FILE_OUT} -no-compress
asset_builder.depend_command = $$[QT_HOST_BINS]/rcc -list 
asset_builder.input = RCC_BINARY_SOURCES
asset_builder.output = $$OUT_PWD/${QMAKE_FILE_IN_BASE}.qrb
asset_builder.CONFIG += no_link target_predeps
QMAKE_EXTRA_COMPILERS += asset_builder

Notice the -no-compress option too this can save runtime CPu costs involved 
with decompressing the data especially for already compressed formats such as 
most video codecs.

Then in your c++ source add:


and use it just like any other resource. Just remember to deploy the qrb file 
with your app.


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