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> Em quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2016, às 19:48:00 CEST, John C. Turnbull
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> > You did mention though that The Qt Company has SLAs and will try to
> > reproduce problems etc., but what if I just want to say things like "I
> > want this feature" or "I don't think this feature is implemented in
> > the best way" or "I think the whole SDLC is being managed in a way
> > that is ineffective and is making using Qt in a production environment
> difficult"
> > or "mobile support is nowhere near good enough to implement serious
> > apps so I can't use Qt as a true cross platform toolkit" or "QML is a
> > great concept but without adequate C++ APIs, it's really only suitable for
> basic forms"?
> >
> > What SLAs or kinds of responses should I expect then?
> I don't know. Your commercial contract with The Qt Company may include
> something about that. Or not. I don't know, I've never read one (not even
> during my time working for Trolltech). I guess that it's during negotiation that
> you get more leverage to make some demands.
> I do remember Trolltech sending yearly surveys to find out what customers
> wanted. I don't know if The Qt Company has kept that practice.

Yes, latest one is actually just closing. In addition, we ask feedback from every support case.

> From the Qt Project's point of view, to get a feature in, you can do one of:
>  * do it yourself
>  * convince someone to do it for you
>   (with arguments or by freeing up their time by taking up part of their work)
>  * paying someone to do it

The normal Qt bug priorization is quite efficient in my opinion - we fix first the bugs that have highest impact. Mostly these bugs are fixed already during the development cycle, but of course sometimes critical bugs may slip through, and will be addressed in patch releases.

Like Kai mentioned, in addition to the normal priorization the bugs reported by commercial customers get focus. If it is a corner case or bug with a good workaround, it may still not get priority over something that would block high number of users - but in general we think this works fairly well. So reporting bugs via Qt Support will give the issue a boost. 

In general, we are unfortunately not able to fix all issues. I think we do quite good work in finding the right priorities, but the fact remains that getting more bugs fixed overall would be beneficial. 



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