[Interest] Qt translations files deploy on Windows

Kai Koehne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Mon Oct 24 09:41:35 CEST 2016

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> Subject: [Interest] Qt translations files deploy on Windows
> Hello,
> I use windeployqt to deploy all the Qt stuff including translation files.
> For some unknown reason, windeployqt does not deploy all Qt translation
> files (qt_XX.qm files), but only some of them.
> It desploys:
> qt_ca.qm qt_cs.qm qt_de.qm qt_en.qm qt_fi.qm qt_fr.qm qt_he.qm
> qt_hu.qm qt_it.qm qt_ja.qm qt_ko.qm qt_lv.qm qt_pl.qm qt_ru.qm
> qt_sk.qm qt_uk.qm
> It does not deploy (for example): qt_da.qm, which does exist in Qt's
> translations folder.

Checking the windeployqt sources, it searches for qtbase_xx.qm, and then
generates qt_xx.qm files by combining the .qm files for all used Qt modules.
That is, it does _not_ use the qt_da.qm file directly.

> Why so? Can this be changed?

It looks like the Danish translations haven't been updated since Qt 4 times,
which is probably also why they do not exist per module. So they might be
a tad outdated anyway ...

You can always copy qt_da.qm manually though.



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