[Interest] slow slow slow debug with qt Creator & CDB MSVC 2015

Frédéric Marchal frederic.marchal at wowtechnology.com
Mon Sep 5 16:09:15 CEST 2016

On Monday 05 September 2016 18:07:39 Liang Jian wrote:
>     I have the same problem, I use qtcreator 4.1.0, msvc2015, debug take
> minutes to start.
>     http://galfar.vevb.net/wp/2014/problems-with-cdb-debugger-in-qtcreator/
> doesn't
> help

Several colleagues are using msvc and they have the exact same problem. It is 
due to the symbol server used by CDB.

QtCreator lists a Microsoft server in the "Symbol Paths" option (see the "CDB 
Paths" tab in the "Debugger" option). It seems the server suddenly became very 

Removing that server from the symbol paths solves the speed issue.


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