[Interest] Qt Simulator

Russell, Matthew MRussell at neptec.com
Sun Apr 2 21:17:04 CEST 2017


How can I simulate/emulate gestures with Qt?

I worry that the answer is obvious, but I've spent a while now trying to figure out how to use Qt Simulator or Qt Emulator to absolutely no avail.  I don't even see options for it in QtCreator.

Ultimately all I want to do is test some pinch gestures, but what would be really helpful would be to be able to emulate a Windows Surface.

Is there an easy way I can test gestures with a Qt app?  Right now I'm stuck editing my code on a Linux box, pushing it to a build server to be packaged into an executable, and then transferring it to a real Surface for installation.  Every test, typo, math error, etc costs 10 minutes.


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