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Il 02/04/2017 21:17, Russell, Matthew ha scritto:
> Is there an easy way I can test gestures with a Qt app?  Right now I'm stuck editing my code on a Linux box, pushing it to a build server to be packaged into an executable, and then transferring it to a real Surface for installation.  Every test, typo, math error, etc costs 10 minutes.

Does your application run on your host computer? A quick'n'dirty way
could be to use TUIO [1], for which there's an input plugin shipped with Qt.


0) Download a TUIO client on a touch device (e.g. on an Android phone or
tablet -- it's on the App Store; no idea about other devices)

1) Run your application passing "-plugin TuioTouch" to it

2) Run the TUIO client on your touch device and point it to the running
app (typically: specify IP/port)

Now you can send touch events / gestures from the device to the application.

Note that pinch and similar gestures are recognized by Qt, but also
synthesized for an application by certain operating systems (no idea
about Windows on a Surface, but it smells very likely. You'd need to
check the code in Qt.)

In both cases you should be aware that there may be differences between
the gesture sent through "emulation" and gestures as recognized on the
real device, so you can't escape real testing.


[1] http://www.tuio.org/
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