[Interest] Crash with Qt application that use OpenGL

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Fri Apr 21 15:59:15 CEST 2017

>> It seems to be specific to the following configuration: - Nvidia
>> geforce 1060 or 1070 at least (can't reproduce with a 980 GTX)
> So you actually tried with another GPU (possibly different driver)
> and said yourself that you cannot reproduce this. So why suspect
> Qt/QML in the first place? I do not understand this logic...

guys, it is not a question whose fault it is. it is the question how to
improve the situation for the customers! broken opengl drivers on
windows are a real-world issue that we cannot ignore!

> Did you try upgrading (or even downgrading) the driver? That is, what
> one usually does first when encountering GPU driver related crashes?
> What was the outcome?

a customer buys application A, which uses qt, which uses opengl. the
customer won't blame the vendor of the opengl driver, nor qt, but the
developer of the end-user application A.

the situation in the windows opengl driver land is quite unfortunate:
the hardware vendors won't provide good opengl drivers, users won't
update them (especially the windows device manager reports drivers as
up-to-date when there are updated drivers on the download side of the
hardware vendor).


one of the notoriously buggy drivers in the wild is intel's hd graphics
3000, which is the default gpu for many sandy bridge based laptops which
are still out in the wild.
we had severe issues with this driver on our qtquick applications. we
also got in touch with intel and got the reply: sorry, we don't support
this device anymore. likewise, lots of issues with amd/ati drivers.


furthermore the current opengl driver check in qtbase is only checks the
first gpu, so it is horribly broken on multi-gpu systems (again, a
real-world issue that some of our end-users are facing):


ps: i had a chat with a mozilla developer some time ago: they never use
desktop opengl on windows, but only use ANGLE with a fallback to
software rendering, if the application crashes on customer's machines.

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