[Interest] Does anyone have Qt3D running on any embedded board?

Pierre Chicoine pierrechicoine606 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 09:20:27 CEST 2017

First, thank you KDAB for your contribution of Qt3D. It has a lot of
potential and looks thoroughly thought out. Especially you Sean. I will try
that multiple window stuff you sent me soon.

I should mention that I've tried Yocto also on the Raspberry Pi. It doesn't
work. My guess is that there are no embedded boards supported, no matter
how expensive or inexpensive as no one has responded with any platform on
any device except desktop and Android and that's probably a high end
smartphone but I don't know. I would go to a more expensive board but
cannot afford wasting time testing all manner of embedded boards. Also I
have to think about my future customers and projects and how much they are
willing to spend on this. IOT must be reasonably priced.

Qt3D is a great project for non embedded devices. It has great potential.
At this stage, though, I believe Qt3D was a mistake for me and I should
have continued with OpenGL ES2, I would have had it working on OpenGL ES on
the Raspberry  by now.

This is my advice for anyone on this list. If you are planning on an
embedded project and would like to show 3d information on embedded,  use
OpenGL ES2 and stay away from QT3D unless you're sure someone has made it
work. Someone who understands the inner workings of QT3D and they, at some
future date, will figure out what bug is causing the shader to fail on
these platforms. I've looked at the code and honestly don't understand how
to fix it. I'm a little short on shader knowledge. Also I'm a bit naive and
have a tendency to jump into new stuff. There seemed to be so much support
for the Raspberry Pi within the Digia developers, but I guess it fell
apart, I don't know why.

I understand though, that this is open source software donated to the
community and I appreciate Kdab's gift.

Thank you for your work. I hope, someday, someone in the community will
figure out how to fix this one bug.

On Sun, Jul 30, 2017, 3:55 PM Pierre Chicoine <pierrechicoine606 at gmail.com>

> Has anyone been successful at running QT3D on any board? Eventually, I
> hope someone will succeed and post here.
> Pierre Chicoine
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