[Interest] Does anyone have Qt3D running on any embedded board?

Sean Harmer sean.harmer at kdab.com
Tue Aug 1 12:17:15 CEST 2017


On Tuesday, 1 August 2017 08:20:27 BST Pierre Chicoine wrote:
> First, thank you KDAB for your contribution of Qt3D. It has a lot of
> potential and looks thoroughly thought out. Especially you Sean. I will try
> that multiple window stuff you sent me soon.
> I should mention that I've tried Yocto also on the Raspberry Pi. It doesn't
> work. My guess is that there are no embedded boards supported, no matter
> how expensive or inexpensive as no one has responded with any platform on
> any device except desktop and Android and that's probably a high end
> smartphone but I don't know. I would go to a more expensive board but
> cannot afford wasting time testing all manner of embedded boards. Also I
> have to think about my future customers and projects and how much they are
> willing to spend on this. IOT must be reasonably priced.

I already said I've had it working on iMX6 - this was with both a yocto image 
and with QNX (both ES2). The Tegra K1 works with its out of the box image once 
you build Qt for it - which you can even do in situ once you enable some swap 
space! I also know the guys at TQC have it running on boot2qt images even with 
a <1sec boot time.

> Qt3D is a great project for non embedded devices. It has great potential.
> At this stage, though, I believe Qt3D was a mistake for me and I should
> have continued with OpenGL ES2, I would have had it working on OpenGL ES on
> the Raspberry  by now.

Qt 3D works fine on ES 2. The issue is the GLSL compilers in some of the binary 
blob drivers. But you will hit the same issues even if using pure ES2 vs Qt 
3D. Yes we could try to work around the compiler issues by providing modified 
shaders for these but it's a pain.

I've asked for someone here to try to locate a rasp pi 3 and see what needs 
fixing there. It's purely shader issues. There's nothing fundamentally wrong 
we're doing for ES 2 support.


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