[Interest] Qt Quick main window contents are all rendered at an offset position

Rob Allan rob_allan at trimble.com
Sun Aug 6 22:00:42 CEST 2017

Hi Andrew,

No, the thing we call "MainWindow" is not actually a Window - it is just an
item (specifically, it corresponds to our own C++ class derived from


On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 9:07 PM, Andrew Ialacci <andrew at dkai.dk> wrote:

> You mention you have a Window QML item as the root in your main.qml file.
> And then inside the Window you have MainWindow custom component.
> Is the top level / root item inside MainWindow.qml also a Window? So,
> nested windows?
> I've been building an MDI interface with QML for a while now and have
> definitely noticed some funny things when it comes to multiple windows with
> QML. Wondering if what you have going on is similar though unintentional.
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> > On Aug 4, 2017, at 5:26 AM, Rob Allan <rob_allan at trimble.com> wrote:
> >
> > We have a Qt Quick application which, for most members of our team,
> works just fine. But for one team member, there is a strange bug in the way
> it is rendered. This user has a Microsoft Surface tablet, and the app runs
> OK on the tablet itself. But when he runs the app on an external monitor,
> the strange rendering occurs.
> >
> > What he is seeing is that the contents of the main window are shifted,
> maybe 4 pixels to the right and about 20 pixels down. The extra space at
> the top and left is filled with white, or sometimes black. Items in the
> bottom right get clipped as they are pushed beyond the bounds of the main
> window.
> >
> > The really weird thing is that there are are a number of MouseAreas in
> the scene, and they all behave as if they were positioned at the right
> location - even though the items they are associated with are rendered at
> the wrong location! That means you have to click a little higher than the
> visible position of the items in order for them to handle clicks as
> expected. If it weren't for this fact, I would suspect this was a bug in
> our code, and that we were somehow setting a non-zero (x, y) coordinate for
> something near the top of our QML scene. But because the MouseAreas behave
> as if they were at the correct location, that seems a lot less likely, and
> I wonder if it is a Qt Quick rendering bug.
> >
> > The outermost QML items in our app are very simple. We have a Main.qml
> containing a Window item, which contains a MainWindow (our own QML type).
> Inside MainWindow we have a Rectangle that is supposed to represent the
> outermost frame within which all other content is drawn. MainWindow has
> anchors.fill within the Window, and the framing Rectangle has anchors.fill
> within MainWindow. So there is no reason why this outermost frame shouldn't
> fill the parent Window - yet on this one device, it appears a few pixels
> down and to the right.
> >
> > Is this a known bug with QML rendering? Or can anyone think of any other
> reason for why this might be happening?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Rob
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