[Interest] QML debugger doesn't work for big cmake-based project

André Pönitz apoenitz at t-online.de
Fri Aug 11 19:53:47 CEST 2017

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 05:48:43PM +0300, Alexander Ivash wrote:
> I'm experiencing issues with enabling QML debugger for huge
> cmake-based project. I've added add_definitions(-DQT_QML_DEBUG) and
> enabled checkbox in Qt Creator but breakpoints never triggered. On
> launching debugger I see 'QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a
> safe environment.' but don't see 'Waiting for connnection...', so it
> looks line debugger is not completely initialized. To check if this
> might be the case I've tried to launch application with
> "-qmljsdebugger=port:62629,block,services:DebugMessages,QmlDebugger,V8Debugger,QmlInspector"
> and attach to 62629 with QtCreator - it failed to attach.
> >From the other side in newly-created sample cmake-based 'hello world'
> application QML debugger works just fine in both cases (when initiated
> by QtCreator and when initiated manually with QtCreator attached
> later) so this is not an issue with environment/Qt installation.
> What might be wrong? Is there any logs from QML debugger which I can review?

Generally, there's Windows->Views->Debugger Log, but there won't be
much in there if there's no connection.

You could perhaps mention the version of Creator, Qt, and Qt Quick
you are using. Not all combinations work.


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