[Interest] QtRO generate source classes (from .rep template file) with private members.

Houssem GHIAT ghiat.houssem at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 17:14:08 CEST 2017

>The idea was simply that if you needed anything more than what was
provided by SimpleSource (you have access to get/set functions in derived
types), you have full control by using the Source object instead.  I guess
I can see use cases where you want a read-only PROP, but want to set the
source directly in the derived class.  Are you doing something like this?
Or do you have a different use-case?

>Honestly, we haven’t had a need for the members to be protected so far.

Actually I have a need of setting the initial values of the remote object
properties, without firing signals to replicas (I hooked the change event
to a notification UI and I don't want to get the notification popup on
replica initialization but on further changes), the only simple way that I
can think off is to set the member variables directly without firing the
changed signal so it don't get queued and fired when the replica is

I don't know if this is the scenario implemented in QtRO ? or there is
signals that are fired at the replica level when it is first initialized ?
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