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And if you create this folder and move the files into ?

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I am cross posting this to QtC and Interest because it's a combinational issue. 

My QML projects are getting sizable, I'd like to start breaking my QML resources down in a hierarchy, but my attempt at that has failed.

qml.qrc /
- app.js
- Screen1.qml
- Component1.qml
- Screen1.qml
- Component3.qml
- Component4.qml
- Screen1.qml
- Component2.qml

I'd like to break it down into:
qml.qrc /
- Screens /
-- Screen1.qml
-- Screen1.qml
-- Screen1.qml
- Components /
-- Comoponent1.qml
-- Comoponent2.qml

But I was not able to accomplish this in QtC. So I hacked the QRC file to have two prefix entries:  <qresource prefix="/screens"> and  <qresource prefix="/components"> However this resulted in errors.

Also, in QtC they weren't folderized, they just appeared as 

How can I accomplish a folderized QRC? Currently, the filesystem is flat, but I don't mind adding them to actual folders if that would help. 
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