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Kristoffersen, Even (NO14) Even.Kristoffersen at Honeywell.com
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Try putting your QML files in subfolders.
You will probably want to do this sooner or later anyway to keep your source tree manageable as the project grows.

Just beware that you then have to import the folder of the components you are using from within the QML files unless they are in the same folder.
IE. import "../Components" from your screen files.


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I am cross posting this to QtC and Interest because it's a combinational issue. 

My QML projects are getting sizable, I'd like to start breaking my QML resources down in a hierarchy, but my attempt at that has failed.

qml.qrc /
- app.js
- Screen1.qml
- Component1.qml
- Screen1.qml
- Component3.qml
- Component4.qml
- Screen1.qml
- Component2.qml

I'd like to break it down into:
qml.qrc /
- Screens /
-- Screen1.qml
-- Screen1.qml
-- Screen1.qml
- Components /
-- Comoponent1.qml
-- Comoponent2.qml

But I was not able to accomplish this in QtC. So I hacked the QRC file to have two prefix entries:  <qresource prefix="/screens"> and  <qresource prefix="/components"> However this resulted in errors.

Also, in QtC they weren't folderized, they just appeared as screens/Screen1.qml ...

How can I accomplish a folderized QRC? Currently, the filesystem is flat, but I don't mind adding them to actual folders if that would help. 
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