[Interest] Which "Widget" technology to use when starting a new desktop app

Mike Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 15:43:26 CET 2017

After watching the webinar "The Curse of Choice: An overview of GUI 
technologies in Qt?"[1] I am even more confused as to what to use for 
our new desktop app. Here are a few of the background details. The app 
will be cross platform to desktop systems, not embedded at all. The app 
will be displaying some "image" data from hdf5 files and performing some 
"real" time basic image manipulations (gamma corrections, coloring of 
data) on that data. The app will eventually call out to some existing 
libraries to perform some long running analysis/simulations. We are 
currently using Qt 5.6.2 due to its long term maintenance guarantees.

In the past I have used QGraphics* classes to show images and perform 
basic zoom, save, compositing functions but the webinar makes it pretty 
clear NOT to use those classes any more. The webinar seems to push QML 
and the Qt Quick classes as the way forward for desktop apps. One of the 
issues that we might have with QML is the need to apply styling to those 
widgets, none of us are UX/Styling experts by any stretch of the 
imagination. I took a look at QOpenGLWidget to display/manipulate the 
images so that we get an accelerated canvas to use. That looked 
promising in combination with traditional QWidgets.

I would like to hear other peoples experiences & suggestions as to what 
they are doing. I don't want to write the app and then have to figure 
out how to port it to another Qt technology in a year or so after our 
funding has run out.

Thanks for any/all comments.


Mike Jackson  [mike.jackson at bluequartz.net]

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