[Interest] Failed first try with Qt on Android

hg at technosis.de hg at technosis.de
Fri Jan 6 19:31:04 CET 2017

Thanks a lot. That fixed it. Don't know what was wrong in the 
"<projectName>.pro.user". I did not even look at it ever before.
Gradle was set before.

So thanks again and have a nice weekend as I will have now ...

Am 06.01.2017 um 13:07 schrieb Petar Koretić:
> Try removing .pro.user to reconfigure kits (close project, remove
> <projectName>.pro.user, open <projectName>.pro)
> Switch to gradle if you use ant - Projects > Buld Android APK > Details
>> Use Gradle
> This should reset it enough to give you a clean start

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