[Interest] Qt 5.8.0 RC build under windows

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice.Kalinowski at qt.io
Mon Jan 23 08:39:27 CET 2017

> > Please explain why an application should not detect recent versions of
> > Windows and use extra functionality that is there, making it better
> > and/or more integrated with the OS.
> I told you my opinion : what you called "extra functionality" does not exist for
> desktop Qt and does not make desktop Qt better.
> Function helpful for WinRT Qt is building in desktop Qt. As the result there is
> a need in WinRT part of SDK. As result compatibility with Win7SDK was lost (it
> has no WinRT part).
> Finally : compatibility with Win7SDK was lost for nothing. I just informed you
> about that mistake in your understanding. That is ALL I can do for that
> problem.
[Maurice Kalinowski] 
As Thiago stated the Windows 10 checks are for the tablet mode recognition, which do have an impact on desktop applications on Windows 10 as well. So your statement is invalid.

In addition, please do not confuse WinRT and Windows 10 (classic). Above is clearly a desktop feature. For some WinRT APIs there is a desktop compatibility mode, meaning you can use the WinRT API but run a classic desktop applications. Those features are for instance backends for Qt positioning, (partly) Bluetooth, and others. However, when compiling Qt there are config tests verifying your environment is compatible against it. If not (for instance you do not have the correct SDK), those features will be turned off.

If this check does not work on your system for whatever reason, please create a bug report, so that it can be properly handled instead of having a discussion where such items get easily lost in the discussion.


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