[Interest] OBJ+MTL loaders for Canvas3D/Three.js

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Tue Jan 31 20:41:16 CET 2017


I extended the js-Files of Qt Canvas3D: adjusted the OBJ+MTL loaders of THREE.js and used these in my demo project with QtCanvas3D.

The two added files work fine in my demo project, on the desktop and on android (see below referenced pics).

I would like to ask you to add these two files to the official Qt repository (eg. into %QTDIR%\Examples\Qt-5.x\canvas3d\3rdparty\ ),
so that the OBJ/MTL loaders would be available for everybody in the next Qt release.

Would that be possible?

The 2 js files necessary for loading obj+mtl files:

The demo project in action on Android:

The demo project build for win64 is downloadable on

I Would be happy if the extension would be useful!

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