[Interest] Fallback (hicolor) theme in resource (.qrc) on Mac not working

Elvis Stansvik elvstone at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 16:44:25 CEST 2017

On Mac and Windows, I'm bundling parts of the Breeze icon theme in the
application resources.

E.g. I have resources like


and I'm calling QIcon::setThemeName("breeze") on Windows/Mac. This was
working fine.

I kept application specific icons directly in :/icons. For example:


Recently though, I went ahead and moved my application-specific icons
into the hicolor theme, e.g:


And started referring to them by their theme name instead. E.g.
"myapp-some-action" instead of using the QRC file paths.

I expected this would work, since hicolor is the fallback theme
(according to Freedesktop Icon Specification).

It works on Linux. It's not working on Mac though :/ The embedded
Breeze icon theme works fine, but it seems it's not falling back to my
embedded hicolor theme, so my application specific icons are not
shown. I haven't tested on Windows yet.

Anyone using a setup like this on Windows/Mac? Where you bundle both

 1. some general theme (e.g. Breeze), and
 2. a hicolor fallback theme with your application icons

both inside the application resources (.qrc).

Thanks in advance for any help.


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