[Interest] [Releasing] First Qt 5.9.1 snapshot available

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> Hi,
> If my memory serves me right then it's a little magic :)
> You select the qqc in the installer and it will show - as version- the latest Qt version that a build is
> available for (like even a 5.9 snapshot). Behind the scenes however it would install binaries of the
> compiler for all Qt versions that you have selected, into the respective installation directories.
> The compiler is strictly tied to the Qt version, so a binary from 5.9 cannot be used with 5.7. However
> the installer should have placed a 5.7 compatible version into your Qt 5.7 directory if you have
> selected 5.8 and qqc.

I see, thanks for the explanation! Is this documented anywhere? If not, it should perhaps be. ;)

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