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J-P Nurmi jpnurmi at qt.io
Wed Jun 28 11:20:41 CEST 2017

Hi Mark,

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Hi J-P,

From what you just said there i get the impression that the new table view has "some code somewhere", right?
Or is it all still in a planning phase?

Anyhow, if there is some working code for this somewhere, could you point me to that? I'd like to play with it and see if it fits my needs.
In this case that's merely displaying a calendar and showing animations when switching between months.

Best regards,

The code is in the wip/itemviews branch in qtdeclarative, but given that the table layout for visible items is still missing, there’s nothing you can play with yet, unfortunately. So far the focus has been on refactoring the underlying itemview framework to make it suitable for building a TableView.

J-P Nurmi

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