[Interest] TableView in Qt Quick Controls 2

Andrew Ialacci andrew at dkai.dk
Wed Jun 28 09:18:34 CEST 2017

Thank you for your time and response!

I originally tried to use the current / old TableView but noticed when including the import in my QML file it also downgraded the other components like Button to the old style. 

Putting the QtQuick.Controls 1.4 import and declaring the TableView declaration in a separate qml file seems to solve the problem.
Another question/s:

For my model I’m using a QAbstractListModel that manages a list of plain, NON QObject objects.
* Should each property of my objects be exposed to QML using named roles / roleNames? Is this the correct way to use a TableView from QML?

StackOverflow has said no

Yet this presentation by ICS said yes: (slides 5 - 7)

My goal is to allow a user to show or hide columns at will. So again, if it was a table of People, they might want to hide the location column and only show Name, Age, and Gender.

* Can you say if the NEW 5.11(ish) TableView will use the QAbstractListModel or the QAbstractTableModel?
* Will the API be similar to the CURRENT TableView?
* Will it rely on roleNames to denote columns?

On 6/26/17, 6:19 PM, "Frederik Gladhorn" <frederik.gladhorn at qt.io> wrote:

    On søndag 25. juni 2017 10.32.27 CEST Andrew Ialacci wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I understand that there is currently no TableView in Qt Quick Controls 2.
    > According to this bug report, it’s slated for 5.10:
    > https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-51710
    I just commented on the bug, I doubt we'll get there in time. Simply because 
    we don't want to see all the issues (especially performance) we had with the 
    table view again. It'll be a lot of looking into ListView and probably a new 
    independent item, not based on ListView, I don't know the details. If the 
    Controls 1 table view is good enough, use it. It mixes nicely with Controls 2 
    (use import as).
    > Does anyone know if this is still true? Or when 5.10 will be released?
    5.10 is scheduled for the end of this year. I'd rather expect this to be in 
    5.11 - mid next-year. I hope we'll have something sooner for people to play 
    with though, let's see.
    > Can anyone think of a way to use a GridView or ListView that would allow
    > for:
     - Dynamic column contents based on the underlying model.
    > - Rearrange / resize table columns.
    > - Addition or removal of columns at run time.
    > - Somehow some way magically not use loads of JavaScript for all the sizing
    > and manipulation of cells.
    > Thanks to everyone for their time and ESPECIALLY to TeamQT!
    > ❤🌻🍍

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