[Interest] QtIFW Problem Translating ControlScript

Oliver Niebuhr googleersatz at oliverniebuhr.de
Tue May 9 20:46:08 CEST 2017

Dont many QtIFW Users here it seems.

Can at least someone(TM) tell me what the (currently) preferred way is,
to add the Translation File for the Config Script to the Installer?

1.) Method 1:

The Documentation says "... preferred to put it in the config Folder
..." - so I have tried that by placing the "de.qm" in the config Folder
and settting the Translations Part in the config.xml to:


The Binarycreator copies the File into the Installer executable but the
modified Strings for the Widgets dont get translated:

2.) Method 2:
According to a Comment from Karsten Heimrich in Bug Report QtIFW-494
(way back from 2014) this should work:

Only put the Language Code here:

Then creating a "resources" Subfolder under the root Folder, placing the
de.qm and the .qrc Resource File in it. I also modified the Prefix to
"/translations/own". Running the Installer with --verbose tells me, that
the File gets found, but nothing gets translated.

Any minor Hint is welcome :)

For those interested / suffering from the same Problem: I created a BR:


On 08.05.2017 13:30, Oliver Niebuhr wrote:
> Hello.
> I ran into another Problem. This Time I have some serious Trouble
> translating the Strings in the ControlScript.
> All modified Strings have the "qsTr()" Macro, the "de.qm" is splitted up
> = 1 TS File in the Package Folder for the Dynamic Pages (which works,
> also the localized License File get displayed) and 1 TS File in the
> config Folder specifically for the ControlScript.
> Strings are marked as done and the de.qm has been compiled fine. In the
> config.xml I added the
> <Translations>
> <Translation>de.qm<Translation>
> </Translations>
> to activate the usage of the German Language File.
> I also tried calling the de.qm File from a Resource File - wont get
> loaded at all.
> Well, with the above configuration, the Installer starts in German, but
> the Strings in the ConfigScript (which are written in english) stay in
> english. Another Strange Symptom is: QtIFW's own de.qm File is complete,
> but some Pages are partly in english or completely in english (like the
> StarMenuDirectoryPage).
> Tested OS: Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 7 SP1
> Tested QtIFW Version:
> * 2.0.5-1 Binary from download.qt.io
> * 2.0 Branch from Git
> * 3.0 Branch from Git
> * Master Branch from Git
> Does anyone else have this Problem? Is this a known Bug?
> Thank You!
> Oliver
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