[Interest] Eclipse plug-in status - QtCreator on KDE Neon

Roland Hughes roland at logikalsolutions.com
Tue May 16 02:19:03 CEST 2017


Not that I like Eclipse in the least, but, currently have KDE Neon 5.8.6 
installed and creator from the YABU repos needs different (older) 
version of one or more libraries. Have read that forcing of older 
version of said library causes some serious issues elsewhere in the 
desktop. It will be a while before Neon has a pure Debian back end, sooo 
(yes, stick with it because it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster than KUbuntu 
and more stable.)

I have heard the Eclipse integration plug-in was Java 6 and no longer 
compatible with Java 8 or whatever Eclipse is now based on. and I've 
seen some recent messages like this:


Granted, it sounds like this person did things in the wrong order, 
installing Qt last, but, creator is broken so Eclipse is next best 
option. No, KDevelop does things completely different from Qt so not an 
option...unless they've completely up-ended how they do things via 
KDevelop now. If Eclipse plug-in officially dead then I will have to see 
if QDevelop or Monkey Studio are still functional, at least until KDE 
Neon gets its act together.

Has anyone built QtCreator from source on KDE Neon? I'm told the library 
issue is an actual problem, but, I've been told wrong before.


Roland Hughes, President
Logikal Solutions


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