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Thu May 18 06:49:30 CEST 2017

Thank you Konrad,
useful thoughts.

Marco Piccolino

2017-05-17 11:50 GMT+02:00 Konrad Rosenbaum <konrad at silmor.de>:

> Hi,
> On Wed, May 17, 2017 07:56, Marco Piccolino wrote:
> > In what scenarios would it still make sense to use QtWidgets for new
> > projects?
> First off: both technologies are fully supported. Widgets are not obsolete.
> It depends on your target platform and target audience:
> App for mobile phones or tablets: use QML.
> Info terminals with touch interaction: probably QML, since you probably
> need custom styles and animation.
> On Desktop you actually get a choice:
> Productivity(*) Applications: you are much better off with Widgets.
> Fancy Multimedia Apps, Games with non- or semi-professionals as target
> audience: you are probably better off with QML.
> (*) With "productivity" I mean anything in which the storage and
> calculations in the background are far more important than good looks. The
> most obvious examples being book keeping, mathematical applications,
> specialized business apps. E.g. controls for complex machines are border
> cases: on the one hand it is productivity targeted at professionals and
> the data and control is more important than the looks, on the other hand
> an animation of the actuators can safe your users days of diagnosis.
> As Till already hinted:
> Use Widgets if you need a simple style that looks familiar to users of the
> platform and you do not want a language break between functionality and
> GUI. Your app will probably look professional and boring, this is
> perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about.
> Use QML if you need fancy styles and animations. Your app will look fancy,
> stylish, and may distract users. This is okay if those distractions are
> not a danger to the user or his/her business. It may even be an important
> property if your user wants to be distracted.
> If necessary: mix them.
>    Konrad
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