[Interest] Visual Studio 2015 / Qt 5.9.1 Application build - Qt-Includes - Final slash switch surprise...

Michael Hartung qt-project.pyqt at infinite-drive.com
Mon Sep 4 10:22:46 CEST 2017

Hi Folks,

using VS-2015 compiling a project in "(Visual Studio 2013) - mode" 
together with "msvc2013_64" works nicely.

As soon as I switch to native "Visual Studio 2015 - mode" together with 

"C:\Qt\Qt5.9.1\5.9.1\msvc2015_64\include\QtCore/qglobal.h(45): fatal 
error C1083: Cannot open include file..."

Checking projects "External Dependencies" e.g. for "qglobal.h" paths are 


Tried a lot and before ending up in a hysterical breakdown :-) I decided 
to publish.

Which is striking is that the "Visual Studio 2013 - mode" is always the 
default after opening the pro file even from a "virgin" directory 
created with git.

To be honest my visual usage/experience is limited to changing the 
Qt-Version, opening a pro file and triggering the build...
and from poking around in the projects and Tools properies/options...

All my sources are solely done with eclipse.

Of course any helpful ideas are welcome...

Thanks in advance!


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