[Interest] qt example of virtual keyboard on virtualbox ubuntu&kubuntu

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It could be https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-54088?

The issue isn’t in the .pro; the integrated InputPanel approach (or ”Applictaion integration”: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtvirtualkeyboard-deployment-guide.html#integration-method) will pretty much always work, as it simply puts the InputPanel in the same scene as the rest of your application. The Desktop integration is more tricky, as you can see in QTBUG-54088.

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Subject: [Interest] qt example of virtual keyboard on virtualbox ubuntu&kubuntu

example of virtual keyboard in qt5.7,5.9 has an issue on both ubuntu & kubuntu that are guests on virtualbox - keyboard is invisible, that is it's somewhere at the bottom of editLists that form the app built from example, and you can press it so that symbols are typed, but you cannot see the keyboard itself. And the app is hanging quite seriously on kubuntu in case of full screen.

Latest version of virtualbox on windows is used.
ubuntu 16.04, kubuntu can look at tomorrow (writing from home).
qt virtual keyboard example works fine on ubuntu and windows that are not on virtual box (don't know about kubuntu).
I managed to find the source of issue on virtualbox, it's in .pro file here:

disable-desktop|android-embedded|!isEmpty(CROSS_COMPILE)|qnx {

    DEFINES += MAIN_QML=\\\"basic-b2qt.qml\\\"

} else {

    DEFINES += MAIN_QML=\\\"Basic.qml\\\"


I have the second define always working. If I force the first one to be used, then keyboard works fine. Btw, host windows works on both files.

So the question is - is there any lib lacking on my non-windows guests (disable-xcb flag does not seem to be set right) or is this a problem of virtual box?
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