[Interest] strip: Customise Qt intaller, remove *.qt.io

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(If I may complain too, in France also the "download meta information" takes a good ten to fifteen seconds every time. I have a 1gbp/s optical fiber connection... downloading the whole qt sdk for a fast local mirror takes less time than it takes for updating these damn metadata, which also are updated sometimes twice when the maintenant tool also needs updating, for twice the frustration).


Jean-Michaël Celerier

On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 8:17 AM, Christian Gagneraud <chgans at gmail.com<mailto:chgans at gmail.com>> wrote:
On 29 September 2017 at 12:44, Sze Howe Koh <szehowe.koh at gmail.com<mailto:szehowe.koh at gmail.com>> wrote:
> I just did a quick test on a PC without Qt installed. I'm in
> Australia, and my current default mirror is ftp.jaist.ac.jp<http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp>
> During the "Preparing meta information download..." phase, Resource
> Monitor told me that the data is crawling in at 10 Bytes per second
> (yes, bytes), and it took a few minutes to get the meta info. However,
> once I get past that stage, the actual Qt Creator files come in at
> ~300 KiB per second. Resource Monitor reports that both sets of
> downloads came from the same mirror, so it's not just a connection
> issue.

I can confirm, this is exactly what happened during an install this
afternoon, all the checksum files were very slow taking few of seconds
each, the archive files were initially very slow, but quickly ramped
up to 500 KiB/s.
This was what i saw in the install phase (was away during the meta
info download).

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