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Thanks for your reply.  I've followed your suggestion and created an issue.  Anyone monitoring this thread should be able to vote for it here:


Thank you,

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Hi Glen,

There is no plan ATM to support audio. You could add a suggestion to the Qt bug tracker to request it.

Best regards,


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I'm using 5.10.1 for a very simple QML application that also instantiates a QAudioOutput instance and sends data to it.

Not too surprisingly, the audio comes out on the machine running the executable and not the one running the webbrowser.

I see that there is some concept of basic audio playback in WebGL, but don't know anything more than that:  https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/webgl-audio.html<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__docs.unity3d.com_Manual_webgl-2Daudio.html&d=DwMFAw&c=l_IU86Q8JTGnHn9K9kRmRlrLmhfeE6S9tCyr6T8mzvM&r=Ti6ABhob5uGpZXkFR2q-AQ&m=d6NDxw0sW9KmyQmqsyTVRHEmLE5pZoJHdyIN6nr9TqM&s=URA5Sw3WGvMvGC0pnRnXXAJ9FRGPLDp8yL8myvhuCpo&e=>

Is that the expected behavior for the Qt webgl platform?  Any prospect of that changing soon?

Thank you --
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