[Interest] Qt Quick 1 deprecated but no native styles for Qt Quick 2?

Uwe Rathmann Uwe.Rathmann at tigertal.de
Fri Dec 7 12:21:42 CET 2018

On Fri, 07 Dec 2018 09:01:35 +0000, Dimitar Dobrev via Interest wrote:

> They say that Qt Quick [Controls] 1 is deprecated.

Actually QC1 didn't have much of a future once QC2 had been started - or 
did you never ask yourself, why this happened instead of trying to get 
the performance + memory problems of QC1 under control ?

The fact that this was never communicated this way has to be criticized, 
and everyone who started a desktop application using QML since then has 
all reasons to complain.

> This in turn means our only option remains
> Qt Widgets - a piece of technology which is like a horse carriage. Good
> for its time but useless in the era of automobiles.

Not sure why you consider automobiles being related to desktop 
applications, but for standard desktop applications, yes:

Qt/Widgets is the only "future proof" remaining option.

But wasn't QML on the desktop a failure from the beginning - at least my 
perception is, that it never gained much interest and most desktop 
related projects simply continued using Qt/Widgets.

> The very notion of
> suggesting that for desktop development in 2018 we would be deprived of
> a simple declarative language for GUI, a flexible scripting language to
> match, GPU-based optimizations and all other wonderful features Qt Quick
> has to offer - is ridiculous at best.

My complaints go the other way round: why am I forced to use JavaScript, 
only to make use the modern Graphic stack ?

As we don't accept this limitation, we stopped paying much attention to 
what the Qt development is working on and implemented our Qt/Quick 
application using: https://github.com/uwerat/qskinny ).

> I am asking of the entire community of developers and management of Qt -
> please prove me wrong. Please assure me I'm overreacting. Please tell me
> Qt Quick 2 is going to get native styles so that we have the outstanding
> Qt Quick 2 for the desktop again.

QC2 has explicitly been sold as a solution for embedded user interfaces - 
in opposite to desktop. Dropping desktop related features is actually 
part of trying to make the Qt/Quick technology less heavy.

But even in case the Qt development decides to re-focus on the desktop: 
improving Qt/Widgets would be way more interesting than spending any more 
time on the QML for desktop corner case.

Instead, migrating widgets to make use of the scene graph ( = GPU based 
optimizations ) is an expectation I would have for Qt6.
And yes, this would significantly break compatibility - but this is no 
excuse for continuing with an outdated graphic stack, that has already 
been identified as a problem in 2012, forever.

My 2 cents,

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