[Interest] Qt Quick Controls 1 deprecated but no native styles for Qt Quick Controls 2?

Andrew Ialacci andrew at dkai.dk
Mon Dec 10 13:52:47 CET 2018

Please someone correct me if I am wrong:

iOS user guidelines do not state “You must use our Buttons, ListViews, Switches and make your apps look like ours.”

They instead outline things like how small a button should be for touch interaction, and how a user expects to navigate an application of a particular type. Most of the UI specific requirements are straightforward to satisfy and there for good reason.

Not to be rude, but try actually reading the iOS HIG:

It’s really not that bad.

Not sure what type of application you’re working on, but the standards for UI design IN GENERAL have gone above and beyond just throwing prebuilt controls (from any framework) together. Apple expects the app to look nice and function well, regardless of what the underlying tech is. I can’t think of any 3rd party application that I use regularly which doesn’t have it’s own unique look and feel to it.

I would be more concerned about having an application rejected for functional reasons than UI related…

Obviously It would be wonderful if Qt had released QQC2 fully complete with every style for every platform and every usage scenario ready to go. For XYZ reason, they weren’t able to. Instead we have a solid base which includes a template system that you can customize to suit your needs.

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If Qt Widgets meet your needs, no need to port away from them. Widgets continue to be fully supported and actively maintained.

If you need to create cross-platform app with a dynamic UI, custom style, perhaps also running on touch based devices, different screen sizes etc, Qt Quick Controls 2 is a better fit.

If you are mostly happy with Qt Widgets, but miss some additional features, please tell about your needs. Make suggestions using bugreports.qt.io<http://bugreports.qt.io> or vote for existing suggestions.



And what would you recommend for an app being in the app store or mac store?
if the app is not following the strict guidelines I guess it will be rejected?
are we then doomed with QtWidgets, never been able to use the fabulous qt quick?

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