[Interest] Qt Quick Controls 1 deprecated but no native styles for Qt Quick Controls 2?

Dimitar Dobrev dpldobrev at protonmail.com
Mon Dec 10 20:06:15 CET 2018

On 10.12.18 20:58, Jean-Michaƫl Celerier wrote:

> In my experience QPainter is quite faster than LLVMPipe or other 
> openGL software rendering solutions.
Might be the case but then who said the software emulation in question 
cannot be based on QPainter? We have QQuickPaintedItem, for instance.

> Also, Qt Widgets does not have as many fancy animations / tweening 
> everywhere by default that would make stuff slower.
Qt Quick Controls have no animations by default except possibly native 
ones (in 1).
> If we look at the other UI toolkits, WPF which is also 
> scene-graph-backed has a lot of cases where it fallbacks to software 
> for instance : 
Exactly - we don't need to get stuck with a framework as old as Widgets 
just because of a small number of corner cases.

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