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Should have done this a long time ago...


So long and thanks for all the fish __

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    >> Nope, its only my guess based on short Dart code checking and some articles, how it works
    >> Google definitely aware about Qt, but its huge, so..
    > Note that declarative UI description languages were known long before QML, even Motif had a couple of them
    They predate C++. They predate DOS and the x86 architecture. They 
    existed during CP/M. DBASE II provided a scripted UI language which was 
    interpreted at run time. Even found an example on-line.
    So did RBASE and every other RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool.
    The primary difference between first generation interpreted UI languages 
    and QML is the early ones required a licensed version of the interpreter 
    be previously installed on the target. With QML applications the engines 
    are bundled in.
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