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I wouldn't call them OpenSource per-se. They were done for one reason or 
another and released freely.

A Java thing I did for the family trucking company that I'm told quite a 
few small trucking companies used back when fuel surcharges were 
changing spastic like and difficult to calculate.


The perpetual project I use every year to enter expenses for tax filing. 
This one has had a long life via many different technologies. Just C and 
the Greenleaf libraries under DOS. In later it was redeveloped under 
Lotus Approach under OS/2. The last iteration was done with Qt which was 
recently updated to compile under 5.x.


As part of the fuel surcharge thing I contributed coding fixes and a 
book to this project.


I mean I wrote one for it because they didn't have squat for tutorials 
or how-to documentation.


The PDF version gets pulled down when you pull down the project. It can 
also be read at Scribd


Judging from the Scribd reads


and SourceForge downloads


that project must be picking up. 4300+ downloads from SF and 1800+ reads 
on Scribd is more than attention than I ever expected anything written 
about using Xbase files. I wrote the book because I had to do the 
research to use the library. I also had to fix a few things in the 
library and those changes are now part of the library.

Mostly I post the stuff on my blog these days. Someone mentioned the 
infamous Roman Numeral Calculator loved by AGILE shops using the 
touchy-feely-spend-days-with-us interview process. It honked me off, so 
I banked out a command line one in the amount of they generally allow 
using Qt.


Since those places tend to let you use "any resource you want" whoever 
has to take the test now can just put a GUI in front of it. If I get 
snowed in and bored one weekend this winter I may even post a follow up 
complete with GUI just because the existence of that hiring process 
honks me off. It isn't designed to "choose a good fit for the team." 
It's designed to eliminate employee mobility. You burn half a vacation 
day coming in and taking the test. You burn another full day coming in 
and "shadowing" the team. There is usually another day they need you to 
burn for one reason or another. At 3 vacation days per interview 
process, you can't interview at more than 3 companies per year when you 
are trying to get out of a Hell hole.

There lots of other Qt stuff on logikalblog.com. Since I've been putting 
most of my "thought pieces" in the interestingauthors.com blog, 
logikalblog.com has turned mostly into a geek site with the occasional 
book tour post from Reading Addiction. If one can believe any stats from 
a WordPress Users database, north of 19,000 "people" subscribe to the 
RSS feed. No, I never bothered to find out just how many are actual 
people with a pulse.

Many of the Qt posts are simply a journal of various Qt experiments I'm 
in the process of for whatever reason. The code is up there for free and 
I'm certain people take it without keeping the comments are providing 
attribution. They are experiments, many of which don't run to the end 
because life gets in the way, but, what I've found is there and people 
use it. Because many of the posts are really a journal, things get 
disjointed. It can be weeks or months before I come back to something. 
I've also gotten tired of "screen scrapers" who can't even scrape a 
screen right over the years so the really handy classes like 
LogikalLogger (which I've had to rewrite for soooo many) are placed in 
zip files and linked to a word or phrase on the page. I've found, 
generally, people who can't screen scrape properly also cannot find the 
word or phrase to click, so life is better. <Grin> If you really want 
it, the zip file is linked in this post.


Just look for the highlighted SerialKeypad link.

I suspect this is much more of an answer than you were seeking, but, I 
wasn't just speaking out my mouth when I made the statement you quoted.

Oh! Almost forgot. The "geek books"


The page for each of the books which actually have source code has a 
"Download CD Contents" or "Download source for book" link. A goodly 
number of people, I quit tracking downloads because they so vastly 
exceeded the number of people who actually BUY the books, just download 
the code and steal what they need without any attribution, monetary 
reward or the slightest pang of guilt at having take something which was 
meant to accompany the sale of a book.


On 12/22/2018 12:23 PM, Bernhard B wrote:
> > Personally and professionally I restrict my lone wolf activities to 
> writing my books and offering software for free from time to time.
> Just out of interest: Do you have a link to an open source project of 
> yours?
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