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The one I had personal experience with was OpenVMS. Microsoft been 
paying owners of that OS boo-coo bucks to kill it off for years. Killing 
it off means going to prison though and Microsoft isn't willing to pay 
that price. HP did find a loophole though, you could fire all of the 
core developers and just let the OS coast, so that is what they did.

TandemĀ  c89

some mention of possible c11

but COBOL only goes to COBOL85 so C11 can't be complete

Unisys appears to be in same boat.
UCS C is written in accordance with the specifications of the American 
Standards Institute, Inc. in American National Standard for Information 
Programming Language C, X3.159-1989

Basically any of the older platforms which were used in the high volume 
high availability severe security financial worlds. The vendors may have 
went away, but the platforms didn't. Don't be surprised to find 
financial institutions still running on Prime computers. Once a 
proprietary system gets past a certain age, it gains in security rather 
than loses. It becomes less and less compatible with everything else 
making a breach harder and harder.

They don't "need" remote logging. New regulations to combat identity 
theft by making financial institutions far more liable for breaches 
force remote logging on them. Various "monitoring" services now exist. 
They only accept the latest syslog message "standard" RFC5424. I assume 
that is because it is one guy with a cast-off Pentium computer running 
some free Linux distro having gotten a direct domain for their spare 

Not just system level errors, but application, failed password, 
everything must be routed. Most of the older OS don't have a central 
error logging system, but, rather, things are split off because 
different groups would be responsible for them.

These outside services are just there to check a "do not go to prison" 
box. I've yet to hear about any of them actually detecting and stoppingĀ  
a breach. I've also not heard of any breach cases involving a third 
party monitor going to court to see how the finger pointing played out.

On 12/23/2018 4:00 AM, Waitman Gobble wrote:
> On Dec 22, 2018, 1:05 PM, Roland Hughes wrote:
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> Try porting it to a non-Linux platform where the C compiler only goes up
> to the first half of C99.
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> Only Curious.. example of platform that is not Linux and only has 'first half of C99' (and needs remote logging too, i suppose) ?

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